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There is no doubt that Employee Monitors and other tools for monitoring your employees have become a widely accepted method of protecting yourself. You can find our list of the best employee monitoring systems available on the internet.

Website Logo Rating Remote Monitoring Stealth Mode Price (Per Computer) Review Link
1. StaffCop Staffcop Employee Monitor 9.99 43$ Staffcop Employee Monitor Review
2. Refog Employee Monitor  9.81 50$ Refog Employee Monitor Review
3. IMonitor Employee Monitoring 9.64 67$ Imonitor Employee Monitoring Review
4. I Am Big Brother  9.49 69.95$ I A Big Brother Employee Monitoring Software Review
5. Net Spy Pro 9.35 169$ (unlimited) + 6.90$ Per PC Net Spy Pro Employee Monitor Review
6. HT Employee Monitor 9.18 79.95$ HT Employee Monitor Review
7. OSMonitor Monitoring Software 9.03 40$ OsMonitor Employee Monitor Review
8. Anywhere Monitor 8.91 69.95$ Anywhere Monitor Employee Monitor Review
9. Net Monitor For Employees 8.76  79.95$ Net Monitor For Employees Review
10. Screen Spy Employee Monitor 8.62 24.97$  Screen Spy Employee Monitor Review

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You know that feeling you get that one of your employees is lacking off on the job or stealing from you. It's tough to accuse them of something without some evidence. If your even considering bringing them to court or firing them then you definitely need an employee monitor installed their computers. This type of software can protect you legally and provide you with the security and insurance that you need as a business owner.

Employee Monitor reviews are usually written by the employee monitoring companies themselves. The next step the companies do is that they distribute their reviews all over the internet in a few different versions making it next to impossible to find a non biased review.

These methods make it incredibly hard for computer users to know which employee monitor gives them the best for their money. It's safe to say that not all of the employee monitor reviews objectively. In fact many of the companies promise features and support that they don't really provide.

This is where Employee Monitor enters the picture. Our main purpose was to perform an in depth comparison of all the employee monitoring products available on the market and provide you with objective reviews of these products.

The Employee Monitor products that we have mentioned on this page are in our minds the "Top Employee Monitoring" products available. We rated them by integrating a number of parameters relevant to these types of software.

Our Promise To Employee Monitor Visitors

We have our intact reputation to look out for and as always all of the Employee Monitor tools that we review need to be available to the public for at least 12 months before we allow them to be reviewed by our team of computer technicians and computer programmers. All of the reviews on our website are up to date and based on the latest versions of the employee monitoring products.

In Depth Employee Monitoring Reviews

Unfortunately the internet is full of junk and spam software making it incredibly hard to know what is worth our time and money and what is a complete waste of time or even harmful for our computers. This saying is true for Employee Monitor products as well and maybe even more important when talking about software that is meant to help you protect your business. 

Each product and its company is a bit different in it's look, feel, functionality and reliability. Some employee monitoring systems are cheaper than others and an expensive solution is not necessarily a better one. The software developers who are more experience and invest more time in developing the product and less time in trying to advertise it usually come up with a better and more reliable employee surveillance system.

Another parameter that you should take into account before purchasing one of the products is that it's terribly important that the company provides you with clear instructions on how to install this software on your network. Incorrect installation can lead to you not getting what you paid for and not being able to monitor your employees correctly.

Relying On Our Employee Monitor Reviews

The employee surveillance and monitoring business has turned into a large industry. This has led to the internet being flood with reviews payed for by the companies who created the software. Of course these reviews are neither objectively written nor do they represent the true technical capabilities of the software itself. On the other hand, the reviews written by the staff here at Employee Monitor stick to the truth and are written by computer technicians and windows power users.

Our reviews aren't biased and our not payed for by any particular company and are therefore we are the most reliable resource of information regarding tools that will help you monitor your employees.

What's Left To Say About Employee Monitor

The best tip we can give you is that you should only use the best monitoring system available since you really are putting your business on the line here. Protecting yourself with top of the line employee monitoring services will allow you to sleep much better at night!